This would be that "career" thing I've heard so much about...

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Haiku Of The Desperate Office Girl

Once again I find
I'm waiting for computers
To grant me freedom.

Freedom from this job
At least for this Thursday night.
Hey! It's my weekend!

Yeah, baby, I've got
One more personal day, yo!
And it starts right now.

(Did you see that "yo"
from the haiku above this?
I'm so embarassed.)

It's a matter of
getting the right number of
syllables, G dawg.

What the F is this?!
I don't think I even know
what I'm saying. Sigh.

Here's another try
at doing this the "right way."
Apologies, gang.

It's at fifty-eight
percent so that means I can
start to wrap it up.

One more Haiku, then?
I'll try to think of something
profound to say... nope.

I have a fat cat.
She's like a fuzzy pumpkin;
beautiful and orange.

Did I mention round?
Well, she's getting more round-ish.
Kitty-diet time.

(My writing group laughs
at my tubby orange kitty.
She just ignores them.)

Seriously, gang!
It's at eighty-eight percent.
How long must I wait?!

There is a nice beer
waiting for me at BJs
once I blow this joint.

I'm so excited
I get to take tomorrow
to do my own thing.

Hey, I guess that means
technically I could get drunk
tonight at the bar.

It'd be such a waste,
if I got a hang-over
on my day to write.

Hey. You. Blogger. Yeah, I'm Talking To You.

So basically, people don't like to blog after work. I know this, because I read all your blogs, and I check on them over the course of my work day and pretty much by 7:00 PM you're all out of things to say. Which means I have 3 long hours of no new blogs. Of course, I would only EVER check a blog if I were waiting for something at work that was holding up my ability to continue working. Like right now. I'm waiting for some reads to finish building so I can leave. To go to a bar. Because a friend of mine just got one of those "film" jobs we all went to school for. Yeah to him! And I remain here, with my computer and no new blogs. I hope this is making you want to blog more after hours. Don't think that your efforts would go unappreciated. Oh, let me tell you. They'd be appreciated. They'd really be sort of a psychic balm for some of us. Alone at work. Waiting for the reads to finish.


Good night all.

Monday, January 09, 2006

JB Is Cooking Again!

JB made us some amazing baked penne last night. YUM. He's got some kind of Chicken Delicacy planned for this evening. All this to say: I think he's feeling better.


We went down to San Diego to visit AQF and SPF this past weekend. They have two cats, Isis and Osiris, and they just recently adopted a new kitten, Brooks. She is SO AWESOME. She took a nap with me on Saturday for about an hour, just curled up on my tummy in a little warm ball of fur.

But it was also good to get home to Luna, who is growing more cuddly as she ages even if she still won't take naps on my tummy.

Though, after playing with a 5-month-old kitten all weekend, Luna seems a little massive.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


JB and I have been struggling through these first few days of 2006. We got sick in New Mexico over Christmas. I'm doing a little better and JB is doing a little worse. Hopefully he'll be well soon. We're both sick of being sick. It's additionally depressing to be sick over the holidays.


We have a working sink, complete with dish washer hook up and new disposal (which we didn't kill ourselves installing, much to our surprise).