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Thursday, November 08, 2007

WGA Strike

We've been picketing outside Universal all week. My dad had a great idea - wearing my Nike shoes to record how many "miles" we end up picketing. We're in 4 hour shifts. Every day.

In supreme irony (or was this planned?) - I got a call from the ABC/Disney Fellowship people on Monday (that would be day 1 of the strike) saying I'd advanced to the semi-final round of the competition. For those of you who don't know this - the fellowship pays $50,000 for a year while you learn TV writing from some awesome professional writers.

But because of the strike, I can't in good conscience continue forward in the fellowship as it would be accepting payment for writing services from a struck company - even though it's an educational program. I feel like every writer is making sacrifices during this strike, this is one of the ones I will be making.

Because I support my Guild and I believe in what we're striking for. If you don't know by now (or want a really great quick explaination) check out this link.


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You write very well.

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