This would be that "career" thing I've heard so much about...

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

House Hunting and the Ensuing Depression

So we've seen maybe 10 (JB?) condos now. Most are pretty frightening. We went to see a place last weekend - the home owner was sleeping on the downstairs couch, there were children napping all over the place, all the shades were drawn, it was a complete mess. Did she really want to sell that condo? Other than that, most of the neighborhoods we can "afford" to live in are extremely frightening (I say "afford" because the kind of money they expect you to shell out is unbelievable). So we saw one really cute place in what I think looked like a safer neighborhood but it was way too small for us. Basically it's pretty depressing. And JB and I know we're a hell of a lot more fortunate than many many people living out here. So what do all those people do? They're not kidding when they say we're in a housing crisis.

Anyhow. We've got all this pent up "I want to move" stuff going on, so JB and I rearranged our apartment and I REALLY like it much better this way. We have room to walk around without furniture getting in the way and - this will shock those of you who've tried to eat with us in our apartment - we can COMFORTABLY sit around our kitchen table now.

It's so nice to have a change, even if it's not the "we own this place let's paint the walls purple" kind of change we've been longing for.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004


Now, there are some of you who will know the why of the all caps and the not three but four exclamation marks. Yes, it is a day I have long awaited.

Today Halo 2 is being released.

I already know one person who stood in line at 10:30 last night waiting for midnight and the official beginning of this day to get his copy. One of my co-workers brought donuts in to celebrate. We have plans to take a long lunch in an attempt to secure our copy before they all sell out across the city. (Fingers crossed).

Geeking out, ah yes. I did have one moment of hesitation this morning:

JQ - Guess what today is!
JB - Uh, I don't know.
JQ - No, guess!
JB - Tuesday?
JQ - You're not even trying!
JB - Er (vainly searching memory for some random "anniversary" event)...
JQ - It's November...
JB - Ninth?
JQ - YES???
JB - Right. (no clue)
JQ - AND???
JB - (dawning) ... Halo 2?
JQ - YES!!!
JB - Oh (you are insane). Are you ready to go to work?

I'm officially a bigger geek than my husband.


Tuesday, November 02, 2004