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Saturday, August 25, 2007

"Thank God For Memphis"

So there's this website called Song Fight where every week they give you a title of a song and you have one week to write that song, record it, and post it. Then people vote for the song they like best.

This week's title is "Thank God For Memphis" and JB (under the band name "Bad Cactus") wrote an amazing entry. When he played it for me the first time I was blown away by the lyrics. And since then I've found myself humming it over and over. Excellent work, JB!

Check it out (and feel free to vote!). You have until Monday, September 3rd.




Blogger Moose Tucker said...

Holy crap. I have goose bumps everywhere, which is awkward because it is about 90 degrees in my apartment right now. I feel like he was born and raised in Memphis now, and I don't think that's right. I am pretty sure he was raised elsewhere. Born where I was born, but I am not sure now. I am confused. Because that feels like it was from Memphis blood. Has he ever even been to Memphis? Did it rip his heart out? Why? WHY!!!???

5:55 PM


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