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Monday, August 14, 2006

29 to 28

We won. We actually won a game. The last game of the season. But we won.

I can safely say this was the best game of basketball I've ever played. And being tall - has it's advantages. There was this moment where I was guarding the basket and a lady charged up to shoot... and I just plucked the ball out of the air before it got a foot out of her hands.

I sat out most of the second half - but I'm glad. We were up one, 27 to 26, with 45 seconds left when THEY SCORED. I thought it was over, and they were going to win by one point. Our team got the ball and they stole it, but then our team stole it back, launched it down the court to one of our gaurds we'd told to stay behind, and she made the basket with 7 seconds on the clock.

It was awesome.