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Monday, August 30, 2004

Pain In The Neck. Seriously.

I have this weird pain in my neck. It might actually count as two pains. I can't turn my head to the right (pain #1) or to the left (pain #2). I think I injured myself while sleeping two nights ago. Sleeping. It's getting worse. Last night, every time I tried to turn, I woke up in pain.

I've had two Strode neck massages today and still the pain. Hm. You'd think it would take some extraordinary talent to injure your neck while sleeping. Perhaps this is one of my superpowers.

Now I'm thinking, "this sounds familiar. Isn't this some kind of symptom for some incurable disease." How badly would that suck. Now I'm thinking "way to jinx yourself."

Now it hurts when I swallow. I hope you're happy, T$. I was looking for something to write about. Maybe I was looking too hard.


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