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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Post Post Grad School Blues

I don't think I can attribute this bout of depression to having recently graduated from film school, as "recently" doesn't exactly apply to me anymore. I love school because the goals are clearly defined and (relatively) easy to attain - if only because you KNOW it is possible. If I study, I'll pass this class. If I pass enough classes, I'll graduate. Ect.

"Out here" things are far less clear.

So I spend my days working at a day job that is effectively contributing nothing to society whatsoever, but is conveniently eating up all the time I could spend writing. What happens if I want to make a feature film? I don't even know where to start. Do I hook up with a producer (how do you do this?) who likes my writing and is willing to risk letting me direct as a first-time-feature-film-director? Do I try to be my own producer and raise money (how do you do this?!).

I'm thinking more than anything, these blues come from lack of A Plan. If I knew what steps I'd have to take to accomplish one of my goals, I'd have something to work towards. No matter how hard it was, I could think "okay, I just have to do this, and then I will be one step closer to my goal." As it is, I have no idea what steps to take. Hm.


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