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Saturday, June 26, 2004

Headache - The Good Kind

So we stayed up late last night to go see "Napolean Dynamite" which was awesome. Completely unexpected (I had seen no promotional materials for this film whatsoever) and charming. It's a blend of a kinder / gentler "Welcome To the Dollhouse" and my middle school experience.

This current headache is from spending eight hours today hunched over my computer, but I finished the B script rewrite. So it's a good headache! Like the headache you get after playing all day in the ocean and getting body-slamed into the sand over and over again.

I should be able to sleep tonight. I am so glad - SO GLAD - to have this script behind me. It has been two years now of submitting it and having people give notes and suggest rewrites... this time I'm done. Moving onto something else. Need to write the new K treatment, but in addition to that - something NEW.


Blogger Moose Tucker said...

I'm glad you wrote. I think it was good for you. And now you will be surprised by the wedding favors. :)

10:50 AM


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