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Friday, June 25, 2004

Bunny In A Town Of Wolves

I have heard it said that 1 in 6 people in Los Angeles are trying to be actors. I think the other 5 are trying to be screenwriters. I saw a picture in LA Weekly a few months ago - someone walked into a coffee shop in the middle of the day and took a picture. Literally every patron present was there writing a screenplay. Not just writing. Writing a screenplay.

This leads me to two thoughts immediately: 1) I have a lot of competition. Good. I like competition. It makes me stubborn. 2) How did "Rules Of Attraction" ever get made? I didn't like that movie. But what I like less: my money was counted towards their Opening Weekend Gross. Not because I stayed. But because by the time I walked out of the movie theatre and demanded my money back, the box office had closed and I had to accept free tickets to a screening of some other film. If I was a better person, I try to suss out what it was about the story, characters, structure that turned me off so completely in the first ten minutes of the film. But as that would involve watching it again, that isn't going to happen.


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