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Friday, February 11, 2005

Screenings, Hollywood Style

JB and I went to a friend's short film premiere last night (EW! you rock!). We had a great time, thought the film (and its company) was awesome, and the venue - spectacular old-style Hollywood theater with the pretty scrolly architectural details all over a surprisingly cavernous lobby.

That being said: I hate parking in Hollywood. Let me rephrase. I love parking in Hollywood. What I hate is LOOKING for parking in Hollywood. Just once I would like to show up to a movie premiere not just on time but comfortably early. You know, get a pre-show drink, catch up with some film school friends I haven't seen for years, shake the traffic stress out of my clothes...

For JB and I, going to a premiere has become its own ritual:

Scramble to get out of work on time.
End up 20 minutes late anyhow.
Argue about the fastest way to consume dinner while en route to screening.
Plan to stop by bank for money because Fast Food places want cash.
Remember there's this one Del Taco that takes ATMs through the drive through.
Go to Del Taco and order Fast Food.
Receive food and drive off.
Argue about directions while trying to eat Del Taco.
Navigate 80% of the way there - start to feel uncomfortable from having eaten too fast.
Come to the street we're supposed to turn on - turn the wrong way.
Take 15 minutes to turn around and get back to correct street.
Find the theatre - but there's no parking.
Drive around looking for parking.
Pass $10 parking because it's $10 parking.
Drive around looking for parking.
Return to $10 parking because we're now officially late.
JQ stays with car while JB runs to nearest ATM machine for the cash we didn't have to get for food because of the ATM Del Taco.
Pay for parking.
Run to theatre.
Get name checked off list.
Go sit down just in time to hear that they're holding the show for 30 minutes because traffic is bad.

The moral of this story is: keep cash on hand.

Still - had a great time at the screening!


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