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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Sleep Deprivation, or "When Coffee Fails To Ignite The Afterburner Of The Mind"

So hi! You ever find yourself pouring an afternoon cup of coffee and thinking "I wonder if they made this decaf?" thinking that the power of suggestion might be enough to haul your tired carcass over the 6:00 PM threshold? Well this time, they didn't. I feel like a dead frog with 100,000 volts rocketing up one arm, through my head, and out the other arm. Alternately I feel like my head is filled with helium, and if I don't periodically rock it back and forth it's going to float up off of my shoulders.

You may be asking "what is she high on?" the answer: sleep deprivation. I'm somewhere between the "a little groggy" and "stark raving mad" side effects of one night after another (do this 16 times) of not enough sleep. Oh, interspersed with intense physical labor. (Quick shout out to all the wonderful, generous, people who helped us paint and then move. Seriously, we could not have done it without you.)

Sleep debt. To add to my school debt and now my house debt and blossoming credit card debt. Yippee.

Hey - on the bright side, our recently vacated apartment is now clean, and most of the accumulated possessions of two approximately 30-somethings have been transferred out of the garage and into an over-stuffed condo.

Along with an 11-pound, fluffy orange, slightly shell shocked kitty. Luna came "home" for the first time last night. And promptly disappeared beneath the couch (once she found her way through the boxes to get there).

This morning, instead of waking up to the sharp and precisely placed kitty feet on my bladder, I had to actually turn off the alarm. And then go look for kitty, who also missed her "rolling around looking cute for the good-morning-scratch" appointment. She was still under the couch, glowering. JB thinks she was under the couch glowering all night.

I didn't think I'd miss the kitty-pressure-on-all-sensitive-areas-of-the-body method of waking up, but I'm looking forward to her getting back to her good-natured if a-little-too-early morning antics.

Also, I think the coffee is wearing off. I'll write more later about the tingling nerve in my back. I'm trying to decide what to name it. It should probably have a name since it seems bound and determined to hang out with me all the time. Ta.


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