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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Lonely Procrastination Depression

I have this specific kind of depression that hits when I have a deadline looming on a writing project and JB isn't going to be around.  It used to be that when he was around, we'd pick up and go to a coffe shop after the J.O.B. job and write until 10 PM or so.  That's how I'd circumvent the Ancy Exhausted Depression I used to face when attempting to write after a 9-6 working day.  But without JB, I get too chicken to go to the coffee shop myself.  So the logical-me makes a deal with the writer-me about how we'll eat dinner, unwind a little bit, and then write at home for a good solid stretch of hours before going to sleep (because JB gets home after I've passed out most nights lately).  But writer-me is a wiley and slippery trickster.  And writer-me knows that logical-me is only likely to start writing if it's before 7:59 PM.  Once she sees that "8", logical-me feels the weight of the day-job crushing the spirit out of her and cannot face "the blank page."
Let's see how tonight goes.


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